This tutorial will show how to toggle visibility of any mesh on your avatar.

Getting Started Edit

  • Select your avatar in the hierarchy and add 2 components in the inspector
    • VRC_Event Handler
    • VRC_Key Events

In VRC_Event Handler Edit

  1. Set the size of events to the amount of objects you want to toggle
  2. Set the name and set the event type to : Mesh Visibility
  3. Parameter Bool Op: Toggle
  4. Drag the object you want to toggle from the hierarchy and drag it to the "Parameter object"

In VRC_Event Edit

  1. For "Key" Choose any appropriate keybind but remember that most people on laptops do not have a numpad so you would want to stay away from those options.
  2. Set the Down Event name as the same name thats in the Event Handler and leave the Up Event Name blank
  • Tip = If you want your meshes to toggle simultaneously set the same event name as I did below:

You can now toggle the visibility of any mesh at the press of a button on your avatar!