In this Tutorial, we will explain how to take a panorama and view it on your computer or upload it to VRChive for public display.

Taking a 360° Stereo PanoramaEdit

1) When you are ready to take your shot press Esc to the VRChat main menu, select "Console" on the bottom left corner

Screenshot (15)

2) In the console click to type either: (without quotations)

"/Pano 0" to save the panorama to your computer.
"/Pano 1" to upload the panorama directly to
Screenshot (16)
  • It is important to note that VRChat uploads the panorama labeled as "Uploaded by Guest to Public". If you want to label it yourself you will have to use "/Pano 0" and upload it to VRChive in your web browser using a created account.

Viewing your Panorama on VRChive or Your ComputerEdit

1) If you used "/Pano 0" the file location is: C:\Users\YourUsername\Pictures\VRChat

2) If you used "/Pano 1" You can view it in VRChive's Library